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At Industry Health Solutions, we truly understand the complexities of treating and managing your injured workers.  American businesses spend more than $1 billion a week on non-fatal workplace injuries.  The leading cause is repetitive motion injuries contributing to $15 billion a year in direct costs and almost 1 million lost work days.  These costs, without appropriate plans in place, can impact employee health, productivity, efficiency, and revenue.  At IHS, we have integrated our 25 years of experience in industrial workforce rehabilitation and injury prevention with a highly-experienced medical team to provide a comprehensive plan of care to accommodate all your workers’ comp needs.  By incorporating an integrated system of employment screening, occupational health and safety measures, medical diagnosis and treatment, and case management, we have helped employers significantly reduce costs related to insurance premiums, reserves, direct treatment, and time away from work.  In the end, you’ll have a stronger workforce and a better bottom line.

When you work with Industry Health Solutions, you can see numbers change, you can see dollars fall to the bottom line, you can see employees are actually better because they are on the job – they are not out of work.

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Why Choose Us?

We understand that as costs continue to rise, employers will need to make important strategic decisions.  We scale and customize our care to your needs so that service is efficient and effective.  We embed ourselves into your culture and build relationships with your staff to become one of YOUR team.  We are your advocate to build trust with your employees and to facilitate communication between physicians, insurance companies, and case managers.  IHS provides an unparalleled scope of occupational health care needs, while protecting your interests and fighting against overutilization of health care services. As a result, we promise your cost will decrease while the quality of care improves.

Our Services

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Hiring the right candidate

Man and Woman in hard hats

Preventing injuries and illnesses


Treating the worker with medical and rehabilitation services

Case Management with Closure

Managing return to work/case closure

An on-site Occupational Health Center is perfect for the industrial and manufacturing setting.  On-site or nearby satellite services can enhance injury prevention, expedite treatment, and improve the overall health of your workforce.

Our Business Partners

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What Our Partners Are Saying

“You [Industry Health Solutions] have been a great corporate partner to work with.  You provide a great service and are very dependable…that’s why after so many years, you’re still here.”

Doug Clemens

Chief Executive Officer, Clemens Family Corporation

“Fantastic addition to our family!  Jack and Alex [IHS] are second to none! Thank you for all of your insight into helping us get better each and everyday!”


Michael Deskiewicz

Chief Executive Officer, Bell & Evans

“The days of cookie-cutter services are over.  Our medical provider, IHS, brings innovative solutions like direct access evaluations instead of waiting to see a physician.  They work together with everyone, our legal team and claim management. Industry Health Solutions’ trainers are in the plant, on the floor, all day.  They catch the injury before it starts.  They get the musculoskeletal pathophysiology, so I rely on them. The program they have developed is superb.


John Madaus

Workers' Compensation Manager - 2019 Teddy Award Winner, Clemens Food Group

“Godshall’s Quality Meats has been working with Industry Health Solutions for 10+ years. The IHS staff came in to learn our company, culture, and our individual jobs and then customized our new hire physicals and pre-employment drug testing to meet our needs.  Through the years, we have received very positive feedback from our employees.  We have recently expanded our business relationship with IHS to provide all our occupational health and medicine services due to the successful work they have done for our company.

Wendy Fonda

Director of Human Resources, Godshall's Quality Meats


“With the help of their partners, Clemens attained one of the most top-rated workers’ compensation programs in the country.”

“It took a bit to find vendors that were progressive enough in their thinking to join us on this journey. I am very impressed with Industry Health Solutions, PMA, ECBM; they’re all different vendors that we’ve worked with.  We really couldn’t have done it without them.” – Leslie Wheeling, Director of People Strategy at Clemens

Protecting People, Performance and Product – Risk & Insurance


“Meet the Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) – Our Partner in Safety & Health – Jared Glosser & Ashley Errickson [Industry Health Solutions]. Athletic trainers have unique knowledge of the human body’s capabilities and limitations.  This kind of expertise allows them to see both problem areas and improvement opportunities.  Identifying and reducing risk factors is an important part of workplace injury prevention.”   – Jerry Reardon, Safety Manager at Bell & Evans

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