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Job Demand Analysis

Job Demand Analysis (JDA) is the analysis of a particular job, on-site, to determine the exact physical and positional demands of the job.  We determine the physical demands associated with the essential functions and then develop a report to outline the physical demands required for full duty work.  We identify positions and weights handled in regards to frequency, duration, and intensity of every task.

The JDA is critical when developing a post-offer test.  IHS uses digital videos to capture all the evaluated areas in regards to the tasks performed, the environment, and equipment used.  The video will act as a future source to confirm the validity of the HPE/POET as well.  Utilizing employer interviews and Department of Labor terminology, job requirements are assessed and calculated, such as manual material handling, sitting and standing physical demands, positional tolerance, climbing, disturbances and height navigation, static position requirements, dynamic mobility, and other required occupational aptitudes.

When Should You Consider a JDA?

  • Do you have a job description that is task driven?
  • Are our job descriptions compliant with Administration, Government, and Case Law?
  • Do you know the tolerance or physical strength required for a job?
  • Can you provide reasonable accommodation for a candidate with an impairment or disability?
  • Do you know the best way to accommodate work restrictions or place employees in light duty?
  • Do you have a "light duty" menu, or do you make it up as you go?
  • Do you know the essential functions of ALL of your company's jobs?
  • Do your supervisors know which jobs are safe to interchange employees for?

Our Goals

Identify specific job demands and requirements for performing the essential functions so the employer can determine appropriate criteria through HPE/POET to hire the right candidate

Provide a method to assist employers to safely return injured workers back to regular duty jobs

Provide alternatives for employers to place workers in light, modified, or transitional duties

Assist the employer to be EEOC, ADA, and legally compliant

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