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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you train your employees?

Yes.  We have training regimens for conditioning and stretching.  These are augmented by Motion Studies, Ergonomics and Job Specific Videos.

How much space do you need?

This is driven by the type of work in our contract. The least amount of space would be for HPEs requiring about 240 square feet.  For basic therapy purposes, we use about 600 square feet.  These can be adjacent to a fitness room, health center or similar location.

Can I predict whether a potential employee is an Injury or Illness risk?

Yes, and with consistent accuracy by using HPEs that can include EMGs, and Nerve Conduction Velocity tests.

Do you have success in reducing OSHA recordables?

Absolutely. The savings are proportional to the starting levels, but reductions of 40% are common.

Do you coordinate with WC claim management?

We work with your people to assist in keeping WC claims inside the state decreed day limit for controlling recovery and reassignment if necessary.

Does your service treat Injuries & Illnesses on-site?

We do.  As soon as a case is referred to our staff, they immediately evaluate the employee’s condition and treat as required or refer to the appropriate services.

Do you find that employees return to work faster with on-site services?

They definitely return to work faser, and they return in better shape.  We take the opportunity to not only address the particular injury or illness, but we also review the work activities and train them how to avoid similar situations.

Can you assist in reducing turnover?

While our programs are not specifically geared toward reducing turnover, we find that with an integrated program of HPEs and on-site therapy, that the quality/limitations of the new hire for their work assignments are better matched.  And having on-site service shows the employees that their company cares about their well-being, which translates into more loyalty.

Does your program do anything to reduce the frequency or severity of injuries?

Our primary goal is to reduce/eliminate Injuries & Illnesses. But what cannot be prevented, we fix.  And while we are in the process of getting your people back to work, we train them about better body mechanics for their jobs, and show them exercises that can strengthen the parts of their bodies that are most stressed by their work.

Can you screen out unsuitable workers?

Absolutely. The primary goal of HPE’s is to screen potential workers specifically for their job requirements.  If they are not qualified for the position for which they applied, our staff can recommend them for other open positions that would not be as demanding.

Do you work directly with insurers?

We can, and in some cases do. We can also assist with analysis to determine if self-insurance is a viable option, or assist in determining what the best deductible might be for your situation in order to minimize total costs.  We also work directly with your WC staff and can assist, or outright handle case management.

More Questions?

Contact us for more information on reducing Injuries & Illnesses within your industry!