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Direct Access Model

For over 20 years, clinicians at Industry Health Solutions have watched overutilization of the workers’ comp system because employers have deeper pockets.  Services, tests, and referrals performed in the workers’ comp area would not usually occur with commercial insurance carriers.  Hospital-based practices are incentivized by referring your employees to themselves for more business.  Often, outside medical specialists are not effective or timely with returning calls or explaining your employee’s condition, or accepting available work restrictions.

Instead, Industry Health Solutions is contracted with you directly to protect your interests through on-site (or off-site for smaller employers) health care delivery.

All musculoskeletal disorders are initially seen by an orthopedic physical therapy doctor.  We do not use medical doctors for musculoskeletal disorders because they are not as skilled subject matter experts as our therapists – who are licensed to treat directly.  When appropriate, employees are referred to our mid-level medical staff, or primary medical doctor for advanced services such as injections, suturing, diagnostic testing, or other medical interventions.


How Our Approach Saves Money and Resources

  • Utilizes the most appropriate clinician FIRST to examine and treat the initial illness or injury (no over-treatment or over-utilization)
  • When necessary, the employee is referred to a higher-tier medical provider at no additional cost
  • Our team is integrated and able to coordinate care between providers on a constant basis to ensure an optimal continuum of care
  • Complete and immediate documentation and communication with the case manager or HR department so you can make timely decisions
  • Direct communication on your behalf with outside specialists to ensure proper case management and assignments to restricted duty

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