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Our Early Intervention Program (EIP) helps prevent minor discomforts from becoming major illnesses and injuries.  By helping your workforce understand wellness principles and injury prevention techniques through early detection of minor issues, we reinforce a positive safety culture that helps them recover from minor ailments quickly.  This proactive approach coupled with ATCs [Athletic Trainers] actively working the floor results in early detection of sign and symptoms before they become primary injuries and recordable events.  Information gathered from the worksite observation and interaction with the employees and supervisors further facilitates the use of Loss Control techniques and optimizes the application of resources.

Prevention begins with planning.  We initiate a review of the history of injuries and illnesses by department and type.  An analysis of patterns and past losses allows us to develop a customized plan for injury prevention.  Our techniques often include:

  • Reviewing and analyzing historical OSHA and internal data to discover trends and areas of opportunity
  • Creating a video analysis of each job’s functions broken down by specific steps
  • Completing job demand analyses
  • Conducting ergonomic evaluations of the workspace
  • Performing movement analysis to establish best practices
  • Observing and documenting compensatory movements that might reveal underlying issues

Prevention Services

Loss Control Analysis
Early Intervention
Orientation Training
Wellness/Fitness Programs
Safety Management
Ergonomics Assessments
Root Cause Analysis
Case Management Assistance

Government data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the savings from an integrated program of safety and healthcare can pay back 6 to 10 times the cost of the program.