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Meat Packing Industry

The meat packing industry has historically been a difficult industry to overcome significant exposures and repetitive activities that foster higher levels of Injuries & Illnesses.  With over 25 years experience in the industry, we at IHS understand your challenges and have a proven track record that can save millions of dollars over time. By combining a unique Post Offer Testing format with ergonomic studies and on-site training, costs drop dramatically for Injuries & Illnesses, often several times the cost of the program, as confirmed in numerous private and government studies.


Manufacturing and Construction Industries

From road construction to wood pallet manufacturing or waste disposal, we have the ability to assess your workplace and evaluate your workforce for exposure to Injuries and Illnesses. Once identified, we report to you and develop a plan to mitigate causes and improve safety.   We also help you manage claims to minimize loss through catastrophic injures or malingering.  Finally, our extremely experienced clinicians can get your employees back to work quickly and healthier for less cost.  So whether you are in Bottling, Groceries, Distribution, Warehousing, fabrication of all types, Animal/Fruit or Vegetable Processing, Industrial Laundry, or Waste Collection, IHS has a plan that can reduce your Injuries & Illnesses.

With more than 25 years of experience, Industry Health Solutions is the leader in providing comprehensive health care services to the meat packing industry. Our depth of clinical knowledge coupled with a unique understanding of the industry and compassion for people set us apart from other providers.  Anyone can deliver healthcare…we treat people.


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