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Wellness/Fitness Programs

Some employers appreciate the value of establishing wellness and fitness programs for their employees. Wellness programs increase flexibility, strength, and endurance whereby reducing the probability of a chronic or repetitive use injury. Wellness programs also foster goodwill and esprit between coworkers and their employers by signaling an ethic of personal concern for its members. IHS’ ATCs and therapists are subject matter experts who can develop wellness programs and assist health coaches with preventative health care programs.  In conjunction with Occupational Health measures, we also understand that population health management has become a competency requirement for most, and soon all healthcare providers regardless of size or specialty. Complex patients often require care from several different providers across the healthcare spectrum.  Industry Health Solutions’ medical providers will take a proactive stance on population health management to assist you with your employees’ overall health.


Additional Value-Added Services

  • Ensuring that specialists, mental healthcare professionals, and post-acute facilities communicate effectively with us and each other so that individuals receive all the care they need
  • Ensuring that your employees are not receiving the same services twice
  • Effectively managing patients with complex chronic diseases, facilitating proper and timely access to services, and preventing the tendency of employees to end up in the hospital over and over again by relying on a set of team-based, collaborative skills

Our Approach to Company Wellness

Diabetes, congestive heart failure, smoking cessation, obesity, avoidable re-admissions, and unnecessary emergency department use are all excellent initiatives to pursue, but most organizations do not have the capacity to attack every single problem all at once.  Hospital administrators admit that even major hospital systems are struggling with working through these processes. The challenge for any healthcare provider will be to serve all of its employees across the continuum of care as well as chronic illnesses and perhaps in a geographic area that is spread out.  Our approach to company wellness is to assist you in focusing on the initiatives that will save the most money and produce the most measurable clinical improvements with the most efficiency.

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