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Case Management Assistance

Have you ever had a claim that you feel you’ve lost control of?  

Have you ever had a medical specialist who just doesn’t understand your work environment or culture?

Have you ever had a physician take your employee out of work, never to seem to return again?

Do you struggle to understand or communicate with medical specialists…that’s if they even call you back?

INSTEAD, wouldn’t you like to have a medical professional who works for you and protects your interests? Our clinical staff are contracted to work for you and are qualified to have those technical medical conversations with outside physicians that you may not be comfortable having. We know what treatment is appropriate, we know what diagnostic tests are necessary, and we know if an employee is capable of returning to some type of restricted duty.

Through our direct intervention, we have been able to decrease our clients’ DART rates over 70%.  


Valued Opportunities / Features That We Provide

  • Our ATCs live in your plant and understand the essential functions of any job.
  • We understand your culture and have a working relationship with your supervisors and management teams.
  • We are subject matter experts in orthopedic injuries.
  • Our ATCs, therapists, and mid-level medical providers confidently, reliably, and personally assist your case management team with communication, oversight, accountability, and alternative management options (light/restricted/transitional duty) with treating specialists.
  • We conduct technical medical conversations with outside medical specialists that your case management or human resources team may not be comfortable having.
  • We can challenge outside medical providers’ decision-making regarding excessive diagnostic testing, treatments, medical referrals, or restrictions which all drive up your costs.

Remember, at the end of the day, we work for you, so we protect your interests.

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