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Case Management

Our success with reducing exposures, illnesses, injuries, and costs is indisputable.  

IHS’ reductions in the per capita number of injuries & illnesses have been greater than 35%, and the costs per incident have, in some cases, dropped to less than 1/3 of the prior or projected costs. Taken together, these reductions resulted in total costs dropping by more than 65% in some cases.  

We achieve these amazing results by restructuring the traditional healthcare model.  Instead of waiting for Injuries & Illnesses to occur, then sending the worker off-site for evaluation, usually by professionals less trained or indifferent to your production needs, we start with identification of risks and prevention.  Prevention, Treatment & Training go hand-in-hand, but it is the feedback system and coordination with case management that makes the greatest impact.

    On-site or Off-Site Case Management Team Help

    • Investigate work-relatedness
    • Confirm mechanism of injury (MOI)
    • Correlate MOI with objective clinical findings
    • Determine the best specialist for a referral
    • Assist with provider panels and our network of specialists that are “employer-friendly”
    • Communicate with medical specialists once your employee has been referred out
    • Provide a breakdown of the specialists’ findings and discuss alternative treatments
    • Assist with second opinions, follow-up testing (NCV, FCE, diagnostics, and IMEs)
    • Help navigate conversations/options with your insurance carrier or broker
    • Assist with employee transportation, translation, and interaction with outside appointments
    • Make recommendations on appropriate timeliness of case progression
    • Discuss potential “red flags”
    • Determine if an employee can perform essential functions, or if have they reached maximum medical benefit
    • Help in re-evaluating restrictions for timely but safe progression


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