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Our Athletic Trainers are the subject matter experts with the unique body of knowledge to provide early diagnoses of imminent MSDs and potential illnesses. Our on-site clinicians engage the worker when pain behaviors are observed or when a worker experiences discomfort. The employee has developed trust and confidence in our ATC staff, relying on them to resolve the early warning signs of a developing illness. Our program focuses on resolving musculoskeletal discomforts like minor strains, muscle soreness, and tightness, and myofascial pain from fatigue and mechanical pathomechanics before they become a primary injury.  We review company stretching programs, utilize soft splints, strap or tape, apply ice or heat, perform deep tissue massage, or instruct on posture or ergonomic modifications. What we cannot resolve in 96 hours, we refer to our in-house medical team for further evaluation and treatment. Fortunately, we have an 88% resolution rate and seldom need to refer out.

Services Provided by Our Athletic Trainers

  • Reinforcement of proper onboarding process
  • Hardening and conditioning programs
  • Microbreaks and stretching review programs
  • Deliberate encounters with workers to check in for complaints

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