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Physical Therapy Services

Orthopedic physical therapy is provided by orthopedic therapists who are experts in the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of disorders and dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system.  This can include injury involving muscle, bone, joint, tendon, ligament or nerves.  Our doctors of physical therapy at Industry Health Solutions are highly skilled in the assessment and diagnosis of causes and solutions for impairments and dysfunction.  Our on-site or satellite physical therapy services provide hands-on, individualized, and comprehensive care.  Our “industrial athlete” model expedites recovery with an aggressive, yet safe, treatment plan along with functional and measurable goals.  Impeccably detailed and objective documentation along with prognostic metrics helps your case management team process claims as well.


    Benefits of a Team Approach to On-site Services

    • Therapists learn your company’s culture and specific job demands
    • Therapists’ evaluations and plans of care are based on job essential functions
    • Therapists can coordinate with ATCs and plant supervisors for a safe return to work
    • Therapists will communicate directly with a referring physician/specialist to coordinate care and ensure the optimal plan for return to work.
    • Therapists can coordinate directly with your case management team
    • Assist ATCs with warm-up and stretching programs to prepare your workforce for physical activities
    • Provide insights and remedies for addressing an aging workforce
    • Facilitate immediate evaluation and initiation of a rehab program which eliminates costly delays and compromised recovery
    • Conduct patient education  
    • Clarify and communicate expectations and outcomes with timelines to your employees for realistic RTW goals.
    • Understand the physiology and inherent implications of an aging workforce and assist your team with strategic programs based on compromised physical capabilities to mitigate age-related illness or injuries.


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