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Industry Health Solutions offers many opportunities to provide unparalleled expert and compassionate occupational healthcare services to workforce employees of local and national industries. We provide a broad scope of services including pre-employment exams, injury prevention, wellness programs, medical intervention, occupational surveillance testing programs, and case management to our business partners. IHS is an equal opportunity employer of professionals who serve to make a dramatic difference in the lives of others.

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Full time
Coldwater, Michigan
Posted 8 months ago
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Job Description

Mediocrity doesn’t live here. Come join a cohesive and energized team of healthcare professionals who take pride in delivering the best care possible. With over 25 years developing and delivering Industrial Healthcare services, Industry Health Solutions has become a proven expert and leader in providing on-site occupational healthcare to the protein processing industry.

Workplace injury prevention requires a systematic and comprehensive approach throughout the employee experience. The occupational therapist’s expertise in task analysis, modification of environments and adaptation processes, application of ergonomic and safety principles, and work reintegration is highly respected in our organization. As an on-site clinical specialist, you provide unique interventions at various levels. Early identification of signs and symptoms prevents an injury from becoming disabling and reduces lost time, medical costs, stress, operational losses, and turnover.

We teach and train our staff to be the most qualified Injury Prevention Specialists in the profession. Our post-graduate specialized training qualifies you to perform advanced assessments and interventions to help the worker stay healthy.

We are currently hiring a second-shift position occupational therapist in our partner company facility in Coldwater, Michigan.  You will work closely with our staff of athletic trainers, injury prevention specialists, EMT/paramedics, certified medical assistants, nurses, and case managers.

Ability to speak Spanish or other languages is a plus (Bonus pay).

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Required Qualifications/Skills:

  • Occupational therapy license in good standing in Michigan
  • Self-motivated Independent thinker; ability to work without direct supervision
  • Clinical competency in orthopedic evaluation skills
  • Effective written and oral communication skills with individuals and in a group setting
  • Triage musculoskeletal complaints/identify work environment dangers
  • Basic understanding of ergonomic principles to perform ergonomic assessments
  • Evaluate and determine root-cause analysis
  • Advise a medical team and company supervisors on corrective measures
  • Conduct/supervise wellness and fitness training
  • Comfortable providing services in various work environments including meat packing production facilities, warehouses and occupation health units
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  • Regular Business Hours
  • Premium Salary
  • Sign-on Bonus
  • Excellent Medical Benefits
  • Generous PTO Plus Holidays
  • Advanced Clinical Skills Development
  • Career Development
  • Education and Job-Specific Certifications
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Community Service Involvement
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Job Type:

Full-time, Monday-Friday

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Years of Experience:

2 years preferred, new grads welcome


Job Features

Job Category

Occupational Therapist

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