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Occupational Health and Safety Surveillance

Occupational health and safety surveillance provides information on where, how, and why workers get injured or hurt on the job.  We study trends in worker injuries and illnesses so that our surveillance programs make a difference in worker safety.  This information is used to improve worker health and safety through appropriate prevention activities.

Workplace injuries and illnesses can be mitigated by control or elimination of hazards. Our surveillance program echoes our company’s theme of Prevention instead of Treatment.  Surveillance is conducted for a number of industrial programs to identify hazardous conditions or to benchmark occupational illnesses and then develop and provide remediation and prevention services.

IHS’ Occupational Health and Safety Surveillance program has evaluators and clinical specialists that conduct the following activities:

  • Track patterns of work-related injury, illness, and fatalities in order to quantify and describe the occupational exposures.
  • Hearing evaluations and conservation
  • Respiratory evaluation and protection program
  • Visual testing
  • Drug testing
  • DOT physicals
  • Develop and implement interventions that will reduce the risk of exposures in the future
  • Monitor both the immediate and long-term health effects of occupational exposure
  • Collaborate with partners to identify methods to modify work practices and share this information with companies that have similar exposures

Our Goals

Establish baseline data on new hires, and identify those new hires that are problematic

Identify new and emerging problems in the workplace

Provide evidence used to direct intervention and prevention activities

Assist your company with monitoring recent trends in work-related injuries, illnesses, hazards, fatalities, and exposure for further investigation

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