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Early Intervention

Once hired, the “industrial athlete” is in the game and must stay healthy.  Therefore, using an industry-unique process and proprietary tracking metrics, we identify early warning signs, then investigate and treat symptoms before they become full-blown illnesses.  As a result, we have resolved over 85% of all initial encounters which translates into real dollar savings for you and a healthier and happier workforce. Through our programs which improve employees’ health, your company should see an increase in productivity, a reduction in illnesses, lower turnover, and especially, decreased worker’s compensation costs.

 It has been documented that companies that utilize early intervention programs have reported a 100% return on investment and 90% reported a reduction of lost time by 25%.

Our quantifiable track record exceeds the national average in reducing lost time cases.

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Why Early Intervention Is Critical


  • Sustain a plan to prevent injury and illness
  • Provide early and effective intervention
  • Provide timely incident management for all employees
  • Assist with transitional duty
  • Develop stretching programs
  • Assist with job rotation plans
  • Help monitor restrictions
  • Develop JDAs
  • Confirm HPE certifications
  • Perform ergonomic assessments
  • Develop safe areas
  • Assist with incident investigations
  • Monitor reintegration/RTW of employees
  • Assist with research data
  • Develop relationships to enhance employee morale and trust
  • Educate employees about anatomy of their injuries to enhance “buy-in” and speed recovery
  • Recognize early warning (red flags) to medical staff
  • Assist modified duty listing
  • Enforce safety initiatives
  • Assist with root cause: indentify unsafe environment (photo and comment)

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