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by | Jan 2, 2024 | Injury Prevention

“An Ounce of Prevention” for Workplace Injury Prevention and Health

Ben Franklin is known to have said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It was in reference to fire prevention in colonial times. Preventing the fire before it started to save lives and financial cost seems like a very reasonable conclusion or as some would say, “a no-brainer.” Nowadays for fire prevention, we have many systems, equipment, and warning devices to save lives and to minimize the cost from fires. Is Ben’s insight still relevant in other ways? It is relevant to how an occupational healthcare provider can be the best resource for companies as solution providers for workplace injury prevention, optimal employee health, and cost savings.

“A Pound of Cure” for Worker Health

Industry Health Solutions is top tier in injury and illness resolution, or as Ben would have called it, “a pound of prevention” for discomfort and musculoskeletal issues. On-site, integrated teams of health and safety professionals expertly guide industrial workers through injury diagnosis and treatment, when injuries do occur.  As committed business partners, they avoid unnecessary medical treatments, reduce lost time, and expertly prepare employees to return to work.

Considerations for Injury Prevention

As solution providers, IHS can add a tremendous amount of value by putting efforts toward the prevention side.  “An ounce of prevention” can seem to be more difficult to grasp, but by utilizing pre-placement screenings, safety analysis, training, and unique injury prevention programs, IHS has proven that Ben’s words have stood the test of time for excellent outcomes in occupational safety.   

Workers are an industries’ most important assets.  IHS promotes several simple ideas for employees to always keep in mind to stay healthy and prevent injury while on the job:

  • Always be observant of possible hazards
  • Ask questions to gain understanding of what and why things happen
  • Report issues
  • Be a solution provider with constructive feedback
  • Always do the right thing

Industry Health Solutions is more than just a name, it is our mission.

For more information on workplace injury prevention, contact us today.


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